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Salam Aidil Fitri 2011- Mohon maaf Atas Segala Kesilapan dan Terkasar Bahasa

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Books@BUKU-lots of them all over the World BookShops BUT try finding a Malay Book in a Singapore Bookshop like Borders,Ramli could not find any or may

Ramli had a shock of his life when he was in Singapore last August,2009 and was in Spore Borders and thinking there maybe his book Revolusi Aksi sold there but what a greater shock when it seem there was no Malay book at all around the shop!Hardly can find one what more to read one!However there were thousands of Chinese books and maybe also no Indian books around ?Why?

Maybe it goes to show there are no interest from buyers of Malay or Indian books so why keep stock of Malay or Indian books when nobody request and want to buy them,is it!

Is it also the promotions of Malay books especially is so weak and not innovative by the Malaysian book sellers maybe like all the hundreds or thousands of Book Suppliers of Malaysia to oversea countries like ASEAN.

Why cant we promote and sell Malay books all over the world? Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Indonesia have almost maybe 500 million speakers and all can read so with that 500 Million Bahasa readers it is most wise to sell Malay books all over the world what more in Singapore!Is it Singapore bookshops like Borders dont have interests to sell Malay books?

Malaysia need to restudy her book selling ways and more important position the Malay language as one of the World’s dynamic lingua franca just like English,French,German,Spanish or even Chinese,Japanese and Portuguese!

Just like the Ringgit we want to try to make it an international currency of demand like USD,Euro,Yuan or Japanese Yen,we must first “flood the markets” with our Malay books so that Malay books are placed at the premium shelves in any bookshops around the world like Harrods,Borders,MPH and all others ….

Hopefully,Ramli’s first book written in Malay titled “REVOLUSI AKSI” or Action Revolution will also be made available in all bookshops around the world especially like at BORDERS of Singapore and ASEAN bookshops and airports shops etc…

Credit to :http://pramleeelvis.wordpress.com


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