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Salam Aidil Fitri 2011- Mohon maaf Atas Segala Kesilapan dan Terkasar Bahasa

Salam Aidil Fitri al Mubarak 2011... Slideshow: Azierahman’s trip to Chengkau (near Seremban), Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia was created by TripAdvisor. See another Seremban slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Motosikal terbang...The Future Is Here: Man InventsHoverbike

SYDNEY - Seorang bekas juruterbang helikopter, Chris Malloy mencipta sebuah motosikal terbang yang pertama di dunia di dalam garaj miliknya di sini, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

Malloy, 32, mencipta motosikal seberat 270 kilogram itu dengan menggunakan bingkai udara carbon-fiber dan sebuah enjin kereta BMW.

Motosikal itu yang mengambil masa selama dua setengah tahun untuk dicipta boleh terbang pada ketinggian 3,048 meter dan mampu bergerak pada kelajuan 160.93 kilometer sejam.

Satu tangki minyak penuh akan membolehkan motosikal itu bergerak sejauh 148.05 kilometer selama 45 minit manakala ia mungkin dijual pada harga lebih AS$71,809 (RM218,981) sebuah.

Malloy enggan mendedahkan jumlah kos sebenar untuk menghasilkan motosikal itu tetapi dia menyatakan dia membelanjakan AS$223.51 (RM681.03) seminggu.

Dia berkata, prinsip asas motosikal itu ialah dia bergerak sama seperti sebuah helikopter Chinook dan sebuah motosikal biasa.

That Star Wars-esque machine is a hoverbike, invented by Australian Chris Malloy. According to Inhabitat, the bike may be able to fly up to 10,000 ft. and reach a speed of 173 mph. (As it is still being tested, the bike has yet to actually be allowed off the ground!) Using regular unleaded fuel, you can expect to fly about 92 miles on a full tank.

According to Malloy’s website, he is working on the bike and funding its creation/testing almost entirely by himself (although there are volunteers that are helping him.) As it hasn’t even gone through testing untethered yet, Malloy isn’t selling any completed hoverbikes; however, it is possible to purchase a working prototype for around $40,000. Good luck trying to fly this around your backyard!


Monitor tekanan darah iPhone

Dengan kehadiran teknologi yang semakin canggih dan terkini anda dapat menjalankan sendiri pemantauan kesihatan terhadap tekanan darah.

Perusahaan Start-up Withings, Perancis telah mengumumkan produk baru yang disebut sebagai iPhone pertama di dunia yang boleh memonitor tekanan darah dengan pemantauan pengukuran secara online dan melakukan penyimpanan.

Dengan monitor Tekanan Darah Withings, pengukuran dan penyimpanan hasil tekanan darah anda menjadi lebih mudah. Semua data dicatat dan disimpan ke ruang penyimpanan online dan pengguna dapat mengakses dan mengetahui tekanan darah mereka melalui iPhone, layar iPad atau gadget lain dengan interface yang dihubungkan secara user-friendly interface.

There’s no doubt that the iPhone is one of the most versatile mobile devices around, along with the iPod Touch and iPad, the trio of iOS devices have found applications in pretty much every industry – from art to photography to education; you’re bound to find an iOS device being used in some way or another. One of the most important the iOS devices have been able to find success in is the medical field. From being used as surgery aids, to reference manuals, there are pretty much apps for everything.

Withings, a French company, recognizes this and has decided to add one more function the iOS devices: by turning them into blood pressure monitors. The company has come up with a blood pressure cuff that can plug directly into any iOS device. With the use of an app (available free from the App Store), users are able to obtain blood pressure readings from the cuff. Stats can be saved and recorded for comparison, and even emailed out to your doctor or sent to personal sites like Google Heart and Microsoft HealthVault.

While the app is free for download, unfortunately the cuff which is required for the app to work is not; you can purchase it for $129.99. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is also FDA approved, so that should dispel any doubts you have about the device. Find out more about the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.


Jam Tangan Led Tanpa Layar : Faceless Watch

Jam tangan...Keperluan atau perhiasan? Jam tangan LED rancangan dari Hiranao Tsuboi ini cukup ringkas tetapi menarik perhatian. Jika lampu LED pada jam tidak menyala, maka orang akan menyangkanya sebagai gelang tangan semata-semata.

Watches are an essential accessory in our everyday lives. Not only do they help tell the time and date, watches can also help to create an image, so for example if you are a high flying CEO, watch brands like Patek or Rolex will definitely say something about who you are and the kind of job that you do. Watches like Casio’s G-Shock probably indicates that you’re more about street fashion, or perhaps you’re just an athlete who wants a rugged watch that won’t get damaged when dropped. So, what does the Faceless Watch say about you?

We’re not sure what sort of image the Faceless Watch will convey, but we do know that it is a very cool looking watch. In fact it could probably double as a bracelet if people did not know any better. So how exactly do you tell the time with this watch? As you can see in the photo above, the watch when not lit up, is a shiny black, thanks to electroplating, but if you look closely, you can actually see the hidden LEDs which have been built into the band of the watch. One press of a button and the LEDs light up displaying the time. Another press of the same button will display the current month and day.

If you’re a watch collector, or if the novelty of the hidden LEDs strikes your fancy, the watch is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $129.95

Sumber artikel dan gambar : http://www.ubergizmo.com


Monday, June 27, 2011

World's Most Spectacular Pedestrian Bridges

What is Footbridge or Pedestrian Bridge?

A footbridge or pedestrian bridge is a bridge designed for pedestrians and in some cases cyclists, animal traffic and horse riders, rather than vehicular traffic. Footbridges complement the landscape and can be used decoratively to visually link two distinct areas or to signal a transaction. In many developed countries, footbridges are both functional and can be beautiful works of art and sculpture. For poor rural communities in the developing world, a footbridge may be a community's only access to medical clinics, schools and markets, which would otherwise be unreachable when rivers are too high to cross. Simple suspension bridge designs have been developed to be sustainable and easily constructable in such rural areas using only local materials and labor.

An enclosed footbridge between two buildings is sometimes known as a skyway. Bridges providing for both pedestrians and cyclists are often referred to as greenbridges and form an important part of sustainable transport movement towards more sustainable cities. Footbridges are often situated to allow pedestrians to cross water or railways in areas where there are no nearby roads to necessitate a road bridge. They are also located across roads to let pedestrians cross safely without slowing down the traffic. The latter is a type of pedestrian separation structure, examples of which are particularly found near schools, to help prevent children running in front of moving cars.

Article : Wikipedia

The Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge was built in 1889 by a Scottish man and is considered the city’s first “attraction.” The bridge is 450 feet long and 230 feet high and supposedly capable of supporting 2 fully loaded 747 airplanes.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge had a $26 admission fee, which I thought was a little steep. The park had a couple of displays on the construction of the bridge and several totem poles. There was also a gift shop and restaurant on the near side of the bridge. It swayed a lot when people walked on it, but was very sturdy. On the other side of the bridge were a series of boardwalks along the cliff and in the forest. There was also a series of bridges up in the treetops

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

More like an observation deck, this bridge to nowhere dangles spectacularly about 2,300 feet above sea level in Langkawi, an archipelago on Malaysia's west coast. It's reached by a harrowing cable car ride up Mount Mat Cincang, and the bridge's gently cu
rving promenade provides tourists with dazzling views of the Andaman Sea far below. Every posted description of the bridge includes the not-entirely-reassuring phrase: "Langkawi sky-bridge is safe."

BP Bridge, Millennium Park, Chicago

Get an overview of Chicago's most impressive architecture, not t
o mention Lake Michigan, when you set out from the brushed-steel Jay Pritzker Pavilion and amble along Frank Gehry's 925-foot-long bridge above Columbus Drive. Clad in shiny lizard-skin-patterned steel and paid for by its oil-company namesake, the overpass's only shortcoming is that it doesn't make it all the way to the water's edge—you're left to fend for yourself on traffic-filled Lakeshore Drive.

Puente de la Mujer

The Puente de la Mujer (Spanish for "Woman's Bridge") is a footbridge in the Puerto Madero district of Buenos Aires, Argentina that spans dock 3 (dique 3). It is of the Cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge type and is also a swing bridge, but somewhat unique in its asymmetrical arrangement. It has a single mast with cables suspending a portion of the bridge which rotates 90 degrees in order to allow water traffic to pass. When it swings to allow watercraft passage the far end comes to a resting point on a stabilizing pylon.

It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and is similar to his Puente del Alamillo and Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay, but with a forward, rather than a reverse angled cantilever, as is seen in those bridges. The footbridge was donated by Alberto L. González to the City of Buenos Aires in gratitude for 60 years of work in the country. Started in 1998, it was completed on December 20, 2001.

From Wikipedia

Poughkeepsie Bridge

The Poughkeepsie Bridge (sometimes known as the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge, the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge, the High Bridge, or, since October 3, 2009, the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park) is a steel cantilever bridge spanning the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie, New York on the east bank and Highland, New York on the west bank. Built as a double track railroad bridge, it was completed on January 1, 1889, and went out of service on May 8, 1974. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, updated in 2008.[1][2] It was opened to the public on October 3, 2009, as a pedestrian and cyclist bridge and New York State Park.

Article : http://travel.yahoo.com
Picture : http://scottcrist.com

Henderson Bridge, Singapore

Standing at 36m above Henderson Road, Henderson Waves Bridge is Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge, connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. It is a 274 meter-long part of the Southern Ridges, a beautiful 9km (5.6 mi) trail in a lush open space that connects the hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park.

What makes this pedestrian bridge unique is its stunning wave-like structure made up of seven undulating curved steel ribs that alternately rise over and under its deck. The curved ribs form alcoves that function as shelters with seats within. Thousands of yellow balau wood slats were used to compose the deck.

It’s a great outdoor experience, as you can walk through the top of the forests and see a rich variety of flora and fauna, including birds in their natural habitats. It is also one of the best spots in Singapore to catch panoramic views of the city, harbor and the Southern Islands.

The bridge takes on a different look at night, when it is illuminated with attractive LED light.

Article and Images : http://www.worldtoptop.com

Nak baca lagi tentang jambatan-jambatan terkenal dan terpanjang di dunia...klik link ni travel.yahoo.com


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kemana hilangnya peri kemanusiaan...Ibu bakar anak cacat

RENO (Nevada): Seorang ibu disyaki membakar bayinya berusia dua bulan yang cacat teruk.

Suceli Ardon didakwa meletakkan anaknya dalam plastik sampah sebelum menyimbah petrol dan membakarnya hidup-hidup.

Bagaimanapun, wanita berusia 26 tahun itu mendakwa, anak perempuannya itu sudah mati akibat memakan terlalu banyak ubat penahan sakit.

Namun, bedah siasat peringkat awal menunjukkan bayi itu masih hidup ketika dia dibakar selepas asap dikesan dalam paru-parunya.

Pendakwa raya di Reno berkata, mereka akan memfailkan tuduhan membunuh sebaik menerima laporan penuh bedah siasat.

Suceli, ibu tiga anak, ditangkap selepas seorang wanita yang berjalan bersama anjingnya menemui mayat bayinya, Brandy, yang sudah rentung, Mac lalu.

Bayi berkenaan menghidap sindrom Wolf-Hirschhorn, menyebabkan dia cacat teruk.

Dia menghabiskan sebahagian besar hidupnya selepas lahir di hospital sebelum diserahkan kepada Suceli dan teman lelakinya, Luis Martinez, Mac lalu.

Sucile sepatutnya memberi morfin kepada bayi berkenaan untuk melegakan kesakitannya.

Polis berjaya mengenal pasti Brandi menerusi alat pembedahan di perutnya yang digunakan sebagai tiub untuk memasukkan makanan.

Apabila disoalsiasat, Sucile mengaku membakar anaknya selepas mendakwa bayi itu sudah mati akibat terlalu banyak diberikan morfin.

Sumber artikel : Metro Online

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