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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photo Shoots at Royal Puteri Melaka

aarrghh......very tiring day

try to get a good spot :D...lol

Together with all my collegue...we have photo shoots course at Royal Puteri Melaka from 29th March until 31 March 2011. Our facilitator, Mr Md Noh from BTPN Selangor...has lots of experience in potrait photo shoots.

This is not my my first time courses in photo shoots, but still not good in human potrait. As always...having problem in using framing. But thanks to Mr Md Noh for your tips in human potrait...aaahhh....now i know how to use white balance...:D

Just for sharing...am please with your comment...

Model : Ina

Model : Anis


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