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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Five Strange Facts About Chocolate

Suka coklat? Khabarnya pelakon New Moon, Robert Pattinson boleh menghabiskan 40 bar coklat dalam masa seminggu. Kalau sebulan...160 bar...mak aiihh...aku nak habiskan coklat 1 bar sederhana makan masa 1 minggu...kepada peminat-peminat coklat....kat bawah ni aku masukkan artikel 5 fakta menarik dan mungkin juga pelik tentang coklat...selamat melayari dan selamat membaca...

1. Chocolate is responsible for the microwave.

Don't believe it? It's the truth! Scientists were initially experimenting with micro waves in the hopes of creating a better radar detector. In the wake of WWII, scientists continued to test devices called magnetrons. On one such lab, a scientist named Percy Spencer happened to stroll through with a chocolate bar in his pocket.

When he discovered the melted chocolate, Spencer realized that he might be able to use the magnetron to cook food. He tried popping corn (successfully) and then thought he'd give real food a try. His first experiment? An egg, which cooked so quickly it blew up in his face!

2. Chocolate is a serious American staple.

Some interesting facts about chocolate consumption in the U.S. of A.:

-American chocolate companies use 1.5 billion pounds of milk every year.

-Americans consume almost half of the world's annual chocolate products

-Every Russian and American space voyage has included chocolate bars.

3. Throughout history, we've had a love-hate affair with chocolate.

You know the drill: you love the stuff, but you could really do without the sugar highs, added pounds, and guilt factor that come from chocolate. Well, in the category of past strange facts about chocolate: during the 16th and 17th centuries, the church was a watchtower of health and waistlines: eating chocolate was considered a sin! By the 18th century, however, people considered chocolate a medicine. It was especially popular as a treatment for stomach aches (and I bet a woman came up with that!).

4. Chocolate really can be deadly.

You're not the only one who craves chocolate, you know. Chocolate is extremely addictive for our canine companions! Small amounts of chocolate may not hurt your dog, but once a dog develops a taste for the sweet, it'll stop at nothing to get more. And in large amounts, chocolate can lead to epileptic seizures and poisoning.

The poisonous part of chocolate is a chemical called theobromine. It's harmless to humans, but deadly to dogs.

5. There are a lot of myths about chocolate.

There are a lot of strange facts about chocolate out there, but a lot of MISinformation, too! For example:

-Chocolate is not particularly high in caffeine. You would have to eat ten chocolate bars to get the same amount of caffeine as you find in a single cup of coffee.

-There is absolutely no link between chocolate and acne, as any modern dermatologist will happily tell you.

-Chocolate is good for you -- unfortunately, its additives aren't! Pure cocoa powder is full of iron and antioxidants. Add sugar or butter, though, and the calories begin to mount.

Chocolate isn't only delicious, it's a fascinating and even exciting treat! Grab yourself a few ounces and keep surfing for strange facts about chocolate.

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