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Thursday, May 5, 2011

America's Most Expensive Homes for Sale, 2011

Interested in a home with 23 bathrooms? Perhaps interior marble columns, a private grill house, or three swimming pools are the must-have amenities you’ve been waiting for? These features and more make up the swank mansions in our 2011 ranking of the most expensive listed homes for sale in America.

All priced above $50 million, this year’s round-up is a mix of new extreme eye candy and some repeat performers from the 2010 list, including the Spelling Manor, which tops our list for a second time with an unchanged and staggering asking price of $150,000,000.

Here are the top five most expensive single family homes currently for sale:

5. Madison Ave Townhouse
Location: 1016 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10075
For Sale: $72 Million

The Madison Avenue Townhouse in Manhattan.
Photo: Zillow

This 7-story New York townhouse appeared on Zillow’s “Most Expensive Homes” list in September 2010 and, with an unchanged asking price of $72 million, has snagged a returning spot. Located on prestigious Madison Avenue, this rare piece of Upper East Side real estate is fully renovated and retains all of its original architectural details. It contains 12,000 sq ft, 10 bedrooms, a central staircase, and elevator. It is owned by a rare-maps dealer.

4. Versailles
Location: 6121 Kirkstone Lane, Windermere, FL 34786
For Sale: $100 million

This Windermere, FL mansion is dubbed Versailles
Photo: Zillow

It may not be the most expensive property on the market, but the gigantic Windermere, FL mansion, known as “Versailles,” is reported to be America’s “largest single family home under one roof.” The palace-like estate, architecturally inspired by the royal residence of Louis XIV, is situated on a 10-acre peninsula along the shoreline of Lake

Butler. While the breathtaking property is still under construction, offered at $75 million “as-is” or $100 million finished, the 66,800-sq ft is blueprinted to include every thinkable amenity a homeowner could imagine. Listed in May 2010, this Windermere real estate gem features 13 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, three pools, a baseball field, two tennis courts, grand hall, two grand staircases, two-story wine cellar, indoor roller rink, movie theater with a balcony, and his-and-her offices separated by a two-sided, 12-ft aquarium.

3. Frank Woolworth Estate

For sale: $90 Million

The Woolworth Estate in Manhattan.
Photo: Zillow

Retail magnate Frank W. Woolworth commissioned three townhouses to be built for each of his three daughters back in 1911. This one, designed by renowned architect Charles Pierpont Henry Gilbert, was completed in 1916 and is the biggest of the three. With a $90 million asking price, it became the priciest listing on the Manhattan real estate market when it was posted for sale this past March. The 35-ft wide, 7-story home boasts 18,000-sq ft, and has 10 bedrooms, 11.5 bathrooms, three kitchens, a paneled library, elevator, 14-ft ceilings, private gym, and a formal dining room with seating for up to 50 guests.

2. Tranquility
Location: 525 Highway 50, Zephyr Cove, NV 89449
For Sale: $100 Million

Tranquility is by Lake Tahoe in Zephyr Cove, NV.
Photo: Zillow

Another most expensive homes veteran, “Tranquility” is the highest-priced listing in the state of Nevada. It also held the top spot on Zillow’s Most Expensive Homes list in 2009, until the Spelling Manor hit the market with its $150 million asking price. The 210-acre property, originally listed in 2008, is situated on its own private lake with a total of eight separate buildings including a 20,000-sq ft main residence. Also included on this rare piece of Zephyr Cove real estate is an art studio, boat house pavilion, gym with indoor basketball court, horse stable, two par-3 golf holes, and a 16-car garage. As if that wasn’t enough to explain the $100 million price tag, the prestigious property also comes fully furnished.

1. Spelling Manor
Location: 594 S Mapleton Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024
For Sale: $150 Million

Spelling Manor in Los Angeles is in a league of its own.
Photo: Zillow

Not only does the Spelling Manor top our list of most expensive homes on Zillow for the second time in a row, but the 123-room mega-mansion, which hit the Los Angeles real estate market last September, is said to be the most expensive home for sale in the U.S. Current owner Candy Spelling (widow to late TV producer Aaron Spelling and mother to actress-turned-reality TV star Tori Spelling) purchased the property from legendary entertainer Bing Crosby. The French-chateau-style estate sits on 4.7 acres and illuminates luxury at every turn. Unique features of the three-story, 56,500-sq ft home include a 17,000-sq ft attic with a barbershop and salon, rooftop garden, two-lane bowling alley, service wing with staff quarters, China room, gift-wrapping room, and wine tasting room. According to a recent interview, the 63-year-old Spelling is downsizing from “The Manor” to a two-story Los Angeles condo she purchased for $47 million last year.

Sumber : http://realestate.yahoo.com


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