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Friday, January 13, 2012

Police rescue man and daughter kidnapped by email scammers

Pernah terpedaya atau hampir-hampir terpedaya dengan email yang diterima daripada kenalan luar negara anda...semoga cerita yang dipaparkan menjadi panduan kepada kita semua...

Most of us have received a 419 email scam. You know the kind - they claim that you've inherited a fortune from someone you've never heard of who came to a sticky end, or that your number has come up in a lottery that you never bought a ticket for.

Sometimes they're funny in their general wackiness, but there is a serious threat - in so much as some people (maybe people not as cynical as you and me) believe the emails to be true, and end up out of pocket as a result.

Well, losing money from an email scam is one thing.. but what about losing your liberty?

News reaches us that South African police have rescued a South Korean man and his daughter, after they were lured to the country by a scam email telling them they had won a fortune in a lottery.

read more : http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com


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