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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Father and Son, watch Nasa Histrory...30 years ago and present...

Bapa dan anak berada dalam situasi yang sama seperti 30 tahun dulu ...

On Friday, Atlantis launched into space for the final time, marking the beginning of the end for NASA’s space shuttle program. More than 30 years earlier, the shuttle Columbia took off for the first time.

Chris Bray and his father, Kenneth, were there to see both.

Chris Bray, a 43-year-old technical director at a creative interactive marketing agency in New York, posted two side-by-side photos of the shuttle launches. In one, a 13-year-old Bray stands by as his father Kenneth, then 39, peers into binoculars. In the other, the son and his father, now 30 years older, stand in the same positions. The moving photos have attracted more than 481,000 views in just two days, tapping into the emotions and nostalgia many have felt as the program ends.

As for the photos, Bray said he is surprised at the reaction he’s getting. “We’re both very humbled that the photo has touched so many people, and we’re happy we could share it with everyone,” he said.

Article and Image Source : Washingtonpost.com


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